1. As a transfer student, are there any drawbacks to applying to your campus as an undeclared student?
  2. How is the grade point average (GPA) used in the admission process?
  3. Is there ever a case when students should not report prior collegiate work on the application?
  4. Why is it important to accurately list all course titles and numbers on the application for admission?
  5. Does the university enroll evening or part-time students?
  6. What are the unit limitations or restrictions on admission for students who have attended a four-year institution prior to enrolling at a California Community College?
  7. Does your campus have an appeals process for applicants who were not admitted?
  8. Is there a policy that allows students to be admitted in one term and to defer to a subsequent term?
  9. Are all applicants with disabilities provided special consideration in the application process?
  10. Does the university require a language other than English for transfer admissions?
  11. When must a student complete the Math and English course requirements to be eligible for the admission to the university?
  12. Do campuses allow students to complete required course work in the Summer prior to Fall term enrollment?
  13. Does the university award credit for Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB) examinations?
  14. Does your campus admit students in an alternate major if they cannot be accommodated in their first choice major?
  15. Which of your majors screens for major preparation in the selection process?
  16. May students change their major once they are admitted to the university?
  17. What are the limitations or restrictions on IGETC acceptance for students who attended a University of California campus and transfer to a California College prior to enrolling again at the same University of California campus?
  18. Is housing available to transfer students?
  19. How long does it take the average student to graduate?
  20. How are international applicants applying from a California Community College selected for admission?