Oxnard College considers the health and safety of its students, faculty, staff and the community a top priority. It is our goal to keep everyone informed of events and activities that affect our campuses and county.

On this Alerts page, you’ll find the latest, comprehensive information about emergencies, closures and other events impacting our colleges and community.

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The Ventura County Community College District (including Moorpark, Oxnard, and Ventura colleges and Ventura College East Campus) will be open on Monday, February 5th. If students or employees are unable to commute due to flooding or other severe weather, please contact your professors or supervisor directly. Additionally, in-person counseling appointments and other campus services can be accessed remotely if needed.

You can continue to follow local alerts at Thank you and stay safe.



We are continuing to monitor guidance provided by local authorities regarding the ongoing storm as well as to coordinate planning with other local institutions. Oxnard College will remain open on Monday, February 5th, with in-person classes and services to be held as scheduled. Students who are unable to commute to campus should coordinate with their instructors directly and any in-person counseling appointments can be made remote instead. Similarly, any employees who are unable to commute to work due to flooding or other severe conditions should coordinate with their supervisors.

Oxnard College has not been activated as an evacuation site at this time though will do so if requested by the Red Cross.

We will continue to monitor the storm and provide any updates tomorrow (Monday, February 5) by 7:00am.

You can continue to follow local alerts at or look for OC updates on social media and at


Weekend Storm – February 3, 2024:

We are closely monitoring this weekend's forecasted storm. Although reports currently show the storm is likely to be strongest on Sunday, should the storm continue into Monday and road conditions prevent students from safely commuting to in-person classes, please reach out to your professors directly. You can also request any in-person counseling meetings be conducted remotely instead.

Similarly, should road conditions prevent employees from safely commuting to work due to the storm’s strength on Monday, please coordinate directly with your supervisor.

Additionally, Oxnard College is on standby to have our gym serve as an evacuation site for local residents if asked by the Red Cross and will activate if necessary. If this occurs, classes in the gym may be moved to another location – students should please check with their instructors for updates should that happen. 

For local weather conditions, visit