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Open to Enrollment: Each course offered by the Ventura County Community College District and its colleges is open to enrollment and participation by any person who has been admitted to the college and who meets the prerequisites to the class or program, unless specifically exempted by statute.

Search or browse the Schedule of Classes online.


Students will have the option of placing themselves on a waitlist for closed classes. If a seat opens up, waitlisted students will automatically be registered in the class in order of their priority on the waitlist.

See Waitlist Information for Closed Classes for further information about the waitlist process.

Registration Options
  • Log on to MyVCCCD to register, add or drop classes, search for open classes, update your mailing address, email address and phone number, access your grades, transcripts, financial aid information and the college catalog, complete a progress check toward your degree or transfer goal, and generate an enrollment verification.

  • Register in person at the college Admissions and Records Office during Walk-In Registration.

  • Students with disabilities may contact the Educational Assistance Center (EAC). Early Registration is available for qualified students with disabilities. For further information,contact the Educational Assistance Center at 678-5830 or stop by our office.  We are located in the  Student Services Building - 1st Floor.

Determine When You Are Eligible To Register

Specific dates and times are found in the Registration Calendar.

You are a continuing student if you have attended Oxnard College in either of the last two semesters

You are a returning student if you last attended Oxnard College more than two semesters ago.

You are a new student if you have never attended Oxnard College.

Registrations that require special paperwork, such as Dual Enrollment Students; students on Academic Dismissal; students requiring counselor permission for academic overload; and students requiring instructor permission for registration in restricted and directed studies classes register in person. All paperwork must be presented at the time of registration. Go to the Registration Calendar for more information.

Pay your fees! Fees are due at the time of registration and must be paid promptly to prevent your classes from being canceled and/or holds being placed on your records and future registration privileges. Need assistance paying fees? Contact the Financial Aid office (805) 678-5828 to see if you qualify for a fee waiver, or the Student Business Office (805) 678-5811 to see if you qualify for a temporary fee deferral.

NOTE: Print a copy of your official student program to verify your registration. The program provides the names of your instructors, days, times and locations of class meetings, and the deadline dates that apply to each class. Keep this program for future reference!!

Questions about registration? Call the Admissions and Records Office at (805) 678-5810.