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EAC services are provided free of charge to qualified students.

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Important Information!

The Class Schedule for Spring 2021 is now available online.  Priority registration for Spring 2021 begins October 26th. Make an appointment with one of the EAC counselors now to plan for your Spring semester. Call 805-678-5830.

Serving You During this Difficult Time

The Educational Service Center (EAC) is committed to continued service to our students. Because of best public health practices and in compliance with state and local requirements for social distancing, services will be provided by phone and through the internet. PLEASE REMEMBER THAT, WITH FEW EXCEPTIONS, THE CAMPUS IS CURRENTLY CLOSED TO STUDENTS. For information on the availability of other Student Services, including Library, Tutoring, and Computer Labs, check individual department web pages, or call that department.

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Some Final Thoughts...

As noted above, this is indeed a difficult time we are living through. While such circumstances can cause apprehension, uncertainty, anxiety, and frustration, it is also an opportunity for us to join together as a community and to follow the advice being given to us all in support of the common good.  It is a time to modify our behavior in an effort to reduce the impact of the COVID19 virus by practicing effective social distancing and other health guidance and requirements.

Take care of your health first, and the rest will follow. Condors endure, and so will our community.