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For the latest information about Oxnard College's response to coronavirus and the resources we have to help you, visit our Student Services page

Serving You During this Difficult Time

The Educational Service Center (EAC) is committed to continued service to our students. Because of best public health practices and in compliance with state and local requirements for social distancing, services will be provided by phone and through the internet. PLEASE REMEMBER THAT THE CAMPUS IS CURRENTLY CLOSED TO STUDENTS.

Contacting Us

  • The office will be available by phone during regular office hours. You can leave a message if staff is unable to answer (or you can in a few minutes). PHONE: 805-678-5830
  • You can also email the office.  EMAIL:

Email will be monitored during regular office hours.


  • Contact the EAC by phone, requesting the person you are trying to reach call you.  Be sure to leave your phone number if leaving a message. PHONE:  805-678-5830
  • Contact the EAC by email, requesting the person you want to reach contact you by phone or email.  If by phone, include your phone number. EMAIL:


All classes are currently being taught in an online format to support social distancing.  If you are having any difficulties with the online format, as a first step, inform your instructor.


Counseling is currently being done mostly by phone. Call the EAC to schedule an appointment.  At that time, you will be given further information about how this works. If you require ASL interpreting services for your counseling appointment, please inform us and include your contact information. You will be contacted to set up an counseling appointment with interpreting service.


Information about Tutoring, Testing, and Alternate Media accommodations is given below under Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s).  Questions about ASL interpreting services should be directed to Candice Wittkins, Interpreter/Counseling Assistant. If we have loaned you equipment, please contact us at the end of the semester before returning it, if the campus is still closed to students.

Priority Registration for both Summer 2020 and Fall 2020 begins on April 20th for EAC students. Under current circumstances, you will not be able to register in person.  If you require assistance in registering online, please contact us.

If you have other accommodation needs that are not addressed in this website update, please be in touch.


Q: I need to register for classes, can I still come me in to EAC for support?
A: Although our facilities on campus are closed, you can still call our offices at 805-678-5830. Our office hours are: Monday to Thursday 8 am to 5 pm and Fridays 8 am to 12 pm.
Q: I can't come to campus to utilize the proctoring room.  How do I get extra time for my tests?
A: Reach out to your professor and remind them you’re an EAC student and they will increase your testing time based on the verification letter you gave them at the beginning of the semester.  If your professor needs clarification have them call 805-678-5830 or email us at
Q: I usually meet with a tutor once a week to keep up with my assignments.  How do I access this accommodation now?
A: Tutoring is offered online with SMARThinking at Online Tutoring | Oxnard College. It is a 24/7 online tutoring service for OC students.  If you need additional time or further tutoring accommodations, email Ron Lacson at
Q: I am comfortable going into the EAC to see my counselor.  How do I make an appointment now?
A: Call the EAC at 805-678-5830 and we will set up a virtual appointment with a counselor. You can either talk over the phone or videoconference using Zoom, you choose what you are most comfortable with.
Q: I bring my books to the EAC to access audio books and other Alternate Media.  How will I do this now?
A: Email John Elmer our Alt. Media Specialist at or call at 805-678-5117.


As noted above, this is indeed a difficult time we are living through. While such circumstances can cause apprehension, uncertainty, anxiety, and frustration, it is also an opportunity for us to join together as a community and to follow the advice being given to us all in support of the common good.  It is a time to modify our behavior in an effort to reduce the impact of the COVID19 virus by practicing effective social distancing.

Take care of your health first, and the rest will follow. Condors endure, and so will our community.