What We Gain When We Welcome Students with Disabilities Into Higher Education

Noted Legal Scholar and expert on issues related to disability, higher education, and the law, Paul Grossman takes a more expansive view in this presentation from OC’s Spring Flex Day on April 27th, 2021. While acknowledging the legal aspects associated with disability and higher education, in this presentation, he focuses on a more expansive holistic approach, with a goal of demonstrating that persons with disabilities are a valued part of the campus and other communities and contribute in meaningful, positive ways to the diversity and richness of our world. Along the way, he shares invaluable information on disability, the disability rights movement, and other interesting facts and insights, and he does so in a thoroughly engaging manner. 

While initially intended for faculty and staff, Mr. Grossman’s presentation provides insights and perspectives that are relevant to all.

Please enjoy this Zoom Recording of Paul Grossman’s inspiring presentation.

"If you embrace DIVERSITY but ignore DISABILITY, you're doing it wrong..."