Vice President of Academic Affairs and Student Learning

Academic Affairs and Student Learning encompasses the four Academic Divisions of the College. The Dean/Assistant Dean over each of these areas plays a vital role in the college’s overall dedication to student success.

Vice President of Academic Affairs - Please contact Oscar Cobian for more information.


Academic Deans at Oxnard College:

Dr. Carolyn Inouye, Dean, Math, Science, Health Ed, PE, and Athletics

Robert Cabral, Interim Dean, Career & Technical Education

Ms. Gail Warner, Assistant Dean, Fire Academy/Fire Technology - Public Safety

Dr. Art Sandford, Dean, Liberal Studies

Dr. Luis Gonzalez, Dean, Transitional Studies, Academic Support & Library Services

The Office of Student Learning is responsible for creating the schedule of classes each semester, the Course Catalog each academic year, and for insuring that all courses and programs created by the faculty and approved by the Board of Trustees are also approved by the state Chancellor’s Office as required by Title 5. Several key individuals work with the Vice President to complete these important tasks:

Ms. Laura Anderson, Instructional Data Specialist,

Ms. Blanca Barrios, Instructional Data Specialist,

Ms. Shannon Davis, Articulation Officer,

Ms. Laura Gentry, Provisional Instructional Technologist,

Ms. Janet Dawald, Technical Data Specialist, 

2018-2019 Instructional Calendar