Distance Education

 Welcome to the Oxnard College Distance Education Page

Operating under the Vice President of Academic Affairs, Oxnard College Distance Education offers alternate modes of high-quality instruction to students who work and/or have obligations that prevent them from coming to campus for classes. All of our online, partially online, and hyflex courses are offered in the Canvas learning management platform. While these courses offer non-traditional modes of delivery, they are still courses with the same demands and requirements as their traditional face-to-face counterparts. 

Partially Online (Hybrid) courses meet partially online and partially in a traditional classroom. 

Fully Online courses meet almost exclusively online. Some instructors may require face-to-face meeting and/or on-campus testing. You can find information in the *section notes of the schedule of classes. 

Class Schedule Section Notes

Hyflex courses are in-person classes that are also live-streamed via Zoom. Students can choose to sign up for the in-person section or the Live Zoom section. Be sure to read the class schedule carefully.