Associated Student Government (ASG)

       What is ASG? 


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The Associated Student Government, or ASG, at Oxnard College offers students opportunities to share in college governance, to interact with professionals, to participate in social and cultural activities, and to create and administer programs of their own, teaching self-reliance, ethical leadership skills, and responsible action.

What is our Mission? 

The ASG's mission is to:

  • Inform students of their rights and responsibilities.
  • Motivate students to participate in the policy-making that affects their education (thereby improving the quality of their educational experience).
  • Involve students in extracurricular activities.
  • Maintain a high standard of student life by promoting and administering programs that enrich the academic, cultural, and social life at Oxnard College

The Associated Student Government of Oxnard College is committed to being equity-minded leaders, amplifying the diverse student voice and cultivating a college community. We do so by actively supporting clubs, building community through social events, providing basic needs, fostering college partnership, and connecting students to resources that promote student life and learning outside of the classroom.  

What are the Benefits? 

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While serving in ASG, you'll learn how to:

  • Represent and advocate for students.
  • Problem-solve and face tough decisions.
  • Promote teamwork.
  • Get event programming experience.
  • Sell your ideas and overcome resistance.
  • Recognize the importance of attitude and responsibility.
  • Teach and coach others.

Your participation in ASG can prove to be one of the most valuable and meaningful experiences of your college career. You will gain experience in planning events and develop organizing, marketing, and publicizing skills while gaining an awareness of various college programs and services. In addition, being part of the decision-making process of the college can help you develop your personal and leadership skills. You are given the opportunity to work with campus leaders and administrators. Your involvement can also be included on your resume and scholarship applications!

How Do I Get Involved? 

Stop by Associated Student Government located in the Student Activities office building S-115. At the ASG office you can pick up an application to join ASG, or serve on a district or campus committee. For those on committees, you are a liaison for ASG and need to give a report at ASG meetings as appropriate.

2024-2025 Student elections will take place beginning January 2024. 

If you have any questions or need assistance please reach out to: 

Amparo Medina, Student Activities Specialist at Oxnard College 

Phone: 805-678-5114



What Is Shared Governance? 

In the spring of 1997, the Student Shared Governance Policy was passed by the Ventura County Community College District. This policy recognizes and promotes student participation and decisions that have a significant effect on students. Putting this into action means students, appointed through ASG, can have a voice in the decision-making process. Below is a sampling of committees on which you can serve:


  • College Planning Council
  • Budget Committee
  • Campus Use, Development, and Safety Committee
  • Curriculum Committee
  • Professional Development Committee
  • Program Review Committee
  • Distance Education
  • Student Equity and Success Committee
  • President's Cabinet


  • District Council on Accreditation and Planning
  • District Council on Administrative Services
  • District Council on Enrollment Management
  • District Council on Student Services
  • Districtwide DEI Workgroup
  • Student Trustee Advisory Council
  • Student Representative to the Board of Trustees

What is the Relationship Between ASG and Campus Clubs? 

ASG plays a key role in assisting clubs in their organization and development by providing forms and information. ASG approves chartered clubs, and will assist the clubs in the creation of their constitution and by-laws.

Why Should I Purchase a College ID Card?

The Oxnard College ID card, taken inside the new student center building, entitles you to:

  • Discounts at local stores, vendors and restaurants. (More information inside the ASG Office)
  • Eligibility to apply for ASG sponsored events.
  • Student discounts on admission to many museums and plays.
  • Discounts on travel opportunities.
  • Free admission to Oxnard College athletic events
  • Free food sponsored by ASG

It is also accepted as second identification.

Student Center 

In an overwhelming vote taken in the spring of 1997, the students at Oxnard College passed the Student Center fee. Some of the things inside include:

Student Activities Building
  • Lounge area
  • Basic Needs and the Snack Pantry
  • Game room
  • The ASG office
  • Student club offices

And lots more!

Please drop by and take a look around!