We encourage all OC students to practice  

Social Distancing and Self Quarantine at this time 





Associated Student Government  

Student Lounge 




The Student Lounge is open for our students until 9PM from Monday through Thursday. Our Evening Attendant, Maria Ornelas is available for equipment checkouts from 5PM – 8:30PM.

Game Room Equipment:  Other Equipment available: 
  • Pool
  • Ping Pong
  • Foosball
  • Air Hockey
  • Dual Shot Basketball
  • Projection Screen
  • Two Televisions
  • PS4
  • Xbox

Must have an Oxnard College Student Identification Card to checkout equipment.

There is plenty of room available to use for studying or to have study groups. We welcome all suggestions to make the “College Experience” more enjoyable for all. Our Oxnard College faculty and staff are welcome to suggest ways for us to help them make their classes easier for, not only their students but all OC students as well.

Breakfast with ASG 

The Oxnard College Associated Student Government is all about connecting with their fellow peers to make sure that their voices are heard. What better way to make connections than through food! When you think about life’s greatest’s special occasions, food is usually at the center of each one. The ASG council thought making a pancake breakfast for their OC students would bring lots of joy and comfort to their home away from home. Not only does preparing meals together provide a bonding experience for our student leaders but sharing those meals that they worked so hard to prepare with other students grants the opportunity to extend hospitality towards one another.



Black History Month Celebration 

During February we promoted Black History Month here at the Oxnard College.

We successfully kicked off the celebration with movie night. The featured film “The Hate U Give” is an outstanding film that portrays the racial discrimination African Americans face when encountering prejudice police officers and the pressures that come with trying to stand up for what’s right. Our Associated Student Government provided free hotdogs, chicken bakes, churros, and refreshments for all in attendance. ASG Secretary, Marissa Lopez was the spearhead for this wonderful event.



Later in the month ASG Senator, Megan Hall hosted a Paint Night in the Student Lounge with the help of ASG Senate Chair Jessica Espitia. We used this event as a way to pay tribute towards influential African Americas. Many students found it very stress relieving as they were able to paint freely without feeling the pressures of “Not knowing how to draw or paint”. 



SoCal & NorCal Exposure Tour  

Oxnard College Associated Student Government hosts their annual Exposure Tour during the week of Spring Break. The tours included schools include: Private, UC, and Cal State Universities.

 In 2018, The SoCal Exposure University Tours included: Cal State Long Beach, Fullerton, San Diego, San Marcos, UC Irvine, San Diego and the Private University of San Diego. Through the duration of this 4-day Exposure tour, 40 students were selected to visit a total of 7 Universities. The hands-on experience was transformative as many of our students had never visited these 7 schools. It definitely is very eye opening for students who don’t believe that they can achieve a much higher education experience.




In 2019, the Associated Student Government partnered up with the First Year Experience program to host the NorCal Exposure Tour! The NorCal Exposure University tours included: UC Davis, UC Santa Cruz, and San Jose State. We encourage all students on the path towards transferring to attend this trip in order to expose themselves to what these universities have to offer. Don't miss your opportunity to be part of this exciting trip!



Keep your eyes open for future opportunities on and off campus.