Clubs authorized by Oxnard College are entitled to use the college name in all publicity, to use college facilities free of charge, and to request funds from the Associated Students Government as may be needed. To obtain authorization, a club must follow these established procedures:

1. Must be comprised solely of students currently registered at Oxnard College. Non-Students may participate in club activities as guests but may not vote, hold office, nor pay dues. Non-Students may be called "associate members," or, if they are graduates of OC, they may be called "alumni members," but they may not vote, hold office, nor pay dues.

2. Must have a minimum of five students to form a club.

3. Must handle all financial transactions through an account to be maintained in the Student Business Office. It is not legal to have accounts elsewhere off-campus. A request for purchase order, journal transfer, or check is to be signed by the Advisor and President or Treasurer of the organization and initialed by the Student Activities Specialist before any expenditures may be made. This form may be obtained in the Student Activities Office or Student Business Office.

4. Must have on file a Club Constitution properly ratified by the Associated Students Government. All Club Constitutions must be approved by the majority of potential club membership prior to submitting to Associated Students Government for ratification. On file you must also have a club application with names of officers and members.

5. Must have a faculty/staff advisor. The advisor’s responsibilities are, in brief:

a. To see that club members observe regulations governing club organizations and activities.

b. To enforce existing district board and college policies and federal and state laws.

c. To attend meetings and recognized events, or to arrange for a substitute to do so.

d. To give guidance and instruction to the membership in scheduling and achieving a worthwhile program.

e. To supervise all financial transactions, the handling of club funds, and the careful documentation of financial records. The Student Business Office operates as a bank for clubs.

6. Non-Students participating in a Campus event, "associate members" or "alumni members" of a club must have on file with the advisor a waiver of liability in case of injury. Non-Students must also carry their own insurance from an outside agency, as they are not insured by the district carrier.

7. Must register with the Student Activities Office at the beginning of each semester a Club Application which includes a list of active members, club officers, and current club advisor. Deadline for filing this information is not more than one month after the start of the semester.

Organizing a Club

1. Find a faculty/staff member to serve as your advisor, and discuss your idea with him/her. Ask a faculty/staff member interested in the subject or consult with the Student Activities Specialist.

2. Prepare a written statement regard club objectives. The club you are forming should not duplicate the objectives or programs of any club already in existence.

3. Call a general meeting to form the club (you may publicize this through the Student Activities Office).

4. Within a reasonable time, develop, ratify, and submit for approval to the ASG Council a Constitution which includes a statement of purpose and objectives. You should have a representative at the ASG Council meeting when they discuss the constitution.

5. Register with the Student Activities Office a list of officers and members. (Make 2 extra copies.)

6. Select a treasurer and place that person’s signature on file at the Student Business Office so that funds can be properly expended.

7. Select a representative to the Inter-Organizational Council.

8. You are on your way now. Good luck with your activities and programs. If you have any questions, call the Student Activities Office, (805) 678-5187