Welcome to OC STEM


Guided Pathways To Success in STEM (GPS) 

Our vision is to become the #1 access point for STEM transfer and career success in Ventura County.

OC STEM GPS provides proactive, integrated academic and non-cognitive support to students. This project will help our community members connect and commit to STEM pathways to achieve goals and ensure economic mobility.

Oxnard College is a learning-centered institution that embraces academic excellence by providing multiple pathways to student success.


OC STEM Counseling

OC STEM offers counseling for students pursuing a STEM degree with an intent to transfer. If you are interested in meeting with the OC STEM Counselor, please follow the steps below:

  1. Complete OC STEM Interest Form
  2. Wait 24 to 72 hours for an email confirmation that you have been added to the STEM cohort
  3. Schedule an OC STEM counseling appointment using *Starfish Connect


Opportunities for Students

  1. Illumineers/STEM Tutors: Illumineers are embedded tutors in STEM gateway classes and offer tutoring for STEM courses. OC STEM recruits new Illumineers each year.
  2. OC ESTEEM Scholars: ESTEEM is a scholarship and support program for academically-talented, low-income students majoring or intending to major in Engineering.
  3. OC STEM Club Alliance: Explore the OC STEM Club Alliance webpage to learn about the OC STEM clubs available to join
  4. OC C6 LSAMP: C6 LSAMP is a collaborative grant that supports underrepresented populations going into STEM. Justin Miller is the fearless leader for OC C6 LSAMP at Oxnard College.
  5. OC Campaigns: Check out this page to see upcoming opportunities for scholarships, internships, involvement, and events. Be sure to navigate to the correct week on the sidebar for the most up to date information.
  6. OC Maker Space: Join us in the OC STEM Maker Space to work on small personal projects and explore 3D printers, Arduinos, Raspberry Pis, Google Cardboards, and more!
  7. OC STEM Events