Dual Enrollment (K-12) Students

NEW: The Dual Enrollment e-FORM is now live. Submit your e-FORM so it can automatically be routed for approval and processing. 


The Dual Enrollment program at Oxnard College allows eligible students to enroll in college courses and earn college credit with the possibility of earning high school credit simultaneously.  Participating students not only get a “taste” of college, but also get a head start on their college career and save money. Students complete assignments in the same manner as “regularly” admitted students and are given a final grade that is posted on their Oxnard College official college transcript.


  • Earn college credit toward a degree or certificate 
  • Explore career fields and pathways prior to college
  • Build self confidence in college level rigor and ease the transition to college
  • No enrollment fees
  • Campus resources including, counseling, lending library, student health center, and more

Dual Enrollment (K-12) Students can register for courses online! Submit your Dual Enrollment Forms early to obtain approval to register online on your registration date. 


Spring 2021
Registration Dates

Summer 2021
Registration Dates

Fall 2021

Registration Dates

Grades 9 - 12 Begins November 23 Begins May 6 Begins May 6
Grades 8th and below Begins January 11
with instructor approval

Begins May 24
with instructor approval

Begins August 16
with instructor approval

Note: High school seniors must complete a new online application for admission as a high school graduate. You will be prevented from registering as a regular student until you have done so. Graduating seniors will be able to register during new student registration after they complete an assessment, orientation, and an educational plan. Refer to the registration calendar for registration dates. Seniors taking courses during the Spring semester must complete the steps below to register as a dual enrollment student.

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