Incoming high school students

There are a few steps to complete before becoming an EAC student.


1. Register for college- Visit the apply and enroll website and choose what kind of student you are. Following these steps will provide you with a "900 number". This is your ID number and it is recommended you write it down and learn it. 

2. Complete orientation- Visit this online orientation page. This page provides a step-by-step guide with pictures on how to complete the orientation. 

3. Request high school transcripts-Visit this Oxnard School District page and request your high school transcripts. In order to provide you with the best counseling we would like to see your high school transcripts. You will attach these transcripts in your EAC application. We advise you reaching out to your high school if you went to school in another district.

4. Obtain your verification of disability- We provide our services to any students with verified disabilities. You will need to upload your disability verification for our records (like an IEP, 504 plan, letter from your doctor or any Federal or State agency such as The State Department of Rehabilitation or Veteran’s Affairs detailing your disability or ailment). You and your counselor will discuss which accommodations you qualify for.

If you don’t have medical documentation detailing your disability, we can still find ways to help you. Contact our office to see if you are eligible to meet with our Learning Disability Specialist for an assessment.  

5. Fill out EAC application- After completing the steps above you will now be ready to fill out our new student application. This application will require minimal personal information from you-- but we will ask that you attach your transcripts and verification of disability.


After you complete these steps, we will promptly call you for a new student counseling appointment. We will call the number you provide in your application.



"If you embrace DIVERSITY but ignore DISABILITY, you're doing it wrong..."