Technology Resources

This page is dedicated to websites, applications, browser extensions, and accessibility features that may help you reach your academic goals. Our list of recommendations is far from exhaustive. If you are aware of a tech resource we should add, let us know!

Are you curious about using some of these resources, but aren't sure where to start? Call the EAC and schedule an assistive technology session with our Alternate Media Specialist, Nate Streeper. He'd love to help you!


Online Resources

These are some great websites to help you do your homework, study for tests, organize your schedule, access alternate formats, take better notes, or keep up in class.

Helpful Apps

Did you know your phone or tablet can be a powerful study partner? You can load it with apps that help you read, record, communicate... even cope with anxiety! Here are just a few.

Useful Browser Extensions

Google's Chrome web browser offers extensions that can interact with and enhance your websites for increased accessibility. Some extensions will read pages out loud to you. Others will change the website's appearance. Others will increase the volume of a recorded video. Much like apps, there seem to be web extensions for just about everything! Here are but a few. (All descriptions pulled from the Chrome Web Store.)

Microsoft Edge now incorporates its own set of browser extensions, too. Check them out!

Smartphone & Tablet Accessibility Features

Do you have a smartphone or tablet? Would you like to learn more about its native accessibility features?

Below are some highlights to whet your appetite. Call EAC and schedule an appointment with their Alternate Media Specialist, Nate Streeper, to learn more.

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