Oxnard College Classified Senate

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Our Mission:

“The Oxnard College Classified Senate is dedicated to providing support toward continued excellence in student success.”

    Classified Senate Officers, Fidelia Flores, Amanda Burwick, Dalia Guerrero, Amparo Medina, Berenice Rodriguez

    2021-2022 Classified Senate Officers

    From left to right: Fidelia Flores, Treasurer; Amanda Burwick, Director of Fundraising; Dalia Guerrero, Secretary; Amparo Medina, President; and Berenice Rodriguez, Vice President

    Open to all classified staff members, supervisors, and managers.

    Members have the following responsibilities:

    • report campus information back to their constituency
    • present to the President and campus administrators, the views of the constituency they were chosen to represent
    • attend meetings as scheduled


    Classified staff are represented by the Classified Senate at Oxnard College on matters outside the scope of collective bargaining. Classified Senate consults collegially through the participatory governance process in the following specific academic and professional matters, as outlined in the Ventura County Community College District Decision Making Handbook (9+1):

    1. Standards or policies regarding student support and success
    2. College governance structures, as related to classified roles
    3. Classified roles and involvement in accreditation process
    4. Policies for classified professional development activities
    5. Processes for program review
    6. Curriculum systems integrations and implementation
    7. Degree and certificate requirements
    8. Educational program development
    9. Plus, any other district and college policy, procedure, or related matters that will have a significant effect on classified staff, but which exist outside the collective bargaining arena.