Distance Education

Oxnard College offers both hybrid and fully-online courses:

  • Partially Online (Hybrid) courses meet partially online and partially in a traditional classroom.
  • Fully Online classes meet almost exclusively online (some instructors may require a face-to-face meeting and/or on-campus testing).

The alternate modes of instruction in distance education benefit many modern students because of the convenience and flexibility in scheduling. While these courses offer non-traditional modes of delivery, they are still courses with the same demands and requirements as their traditional face-to-face counterparts. 

  • Canvas Log-in   (you may have to enter through the VCCCD Portal first with your username and password)
  • For access to technology (laptops, Wi-Fi hotspots, etc.) contact the OC Library Learning Resource Center - 805-678-5819
  • Help:
    • General Canvas Peer Support - Call 805-678-5300 
    • Login help and general support is available by calling the District Help Desk at 805-652-7777 (hours of operation).