OC Tech Bar

Welcome to the OC Tech Bar

The Oxnard College Tech Bar is located inside the Library Learning Resource Center and our staff provides general Information Technology (IT) support for students, faculty, and staff. Specifically, Tech Bar staff provide direct and in-person general support for college-owned devices like the laptops borrowed from the library and/or in-classroom technology like the instructor computers, projectors, doc cams, and Crestron.

What is Hyflex?

In response to COVID-19, the Hybrid-Flexible classrooms were designed to meet the needs of students who are either attending in person or via zoom at home. To increase the quality of this experience, the OC Tech Bar can deploy and provide a variety of technologies that allow students at home to view live class lecture, which can increase interaction and teaching effectiveness. 

Tech Bar staff can deliver and pick up Hyflex classroom technology by appointment. If you are interested in learning more about Hyflex, or if you would like to schedule a demo. Please contact our staff at ochyflex@vcccd.edu. If you would like to schedule the delivery of Hyflex equipment to your class, please complete this form: Hyflex Technology Request Form

Free Student Loan Laptops and Hotspots

Students attending at least one class at Oxnard College in a given semester are eligible to checkout a Laptop and Hotspot for free. While they are in a student's possession they are treated as their own personal laptops in order to accommodate their learning needs. At the end of the semester these devices must be returned and will be factory reset. Therefore, it is the students responsibility to back up their personal data on a separate device or a cloud service. These checkouts can be extended if a student provides proof that they are attending at least one class at Oxnard College the following semester. 

Students can checkout these devices at the Oxnard College Library Circulation Desk and will require the following:

1. A form of identification

2. Proof of enrollment at Oxnard College

3. Agreeing and Signing the "Technology Contract" Form