If you are attempting to enroll in a course and an error reading, “See Counseling for Prerequisite Clearance” appears, or if you know you need to be cleared for a prerequisite or corequisite, you must complete the online Prerequisite Clearance Request Form before attempting to enroll. It is highly recommended that you seek approval for the clearance before your registration appointment. Otherwise, your enrollment may be delayed. 

IMPORTANT: Eligibility for a prerequisite clearance does not necessarily mean that you have been advised by the Oxnard College Counseling Department to enroll in the course or that the course is the correct course for you. This is especially true for STEM subjects such as math, physics, chemistry, biology, etc. It is highly recommended you meet with a counselor to ensure that you are enrolling in the correct course that meets your degree and/or transfer requirements. Taking courses from your STEM major sequences at multiple campuses may impact your transfer or degree eligibility. Verify with a counselor first! Students visiting Oxnard College from other colleges or universities are recommended to first seek guidance on course selection from their home campus advisor. 

  • Students requesting prerequisite clearance for courses where the prerequisite is in progress within the VCCCD must successfully pass the prerequisite in order to maintain enrollment in the cleared course.
  • Students requesting prerequisite clearance for courses where the prerequisite is in progress at a college or university outside of the VCCCD are required to provide proof of having passed the prerequisite course no later than the start of the course for which they have been cleared. Students are to use their VCCCD email to send an unofficial transcript along with their 900 number to Otherwise, the student may be dropped from the course.
  • Students seeking prerequisite clearance using an Advanced Placement (AP) score must provide proof of a passing AP score in order to be considered for prerequisite clearance. The Oxnard College Counseling Department will not clear students with a pending AP score. Students are advised to submit the Prerequisite Clearance Request Form in July, after receiving the AP score.