Counseling Frequently Asked Questions

What degrees are available at Oxnard College?

Is an Associate Degree required to transfer?

  • No, the Associate Degree does not meet all of the requirements for transfer. However, a student could earn an Associate Degree from Oxnard College as they prepare to transfer to a University.

What is an ADT Degree?

  • ADT's are Associate Degrees for Transfer or commonly known as a "Degree with a Guarantee." ADT's are offered at OC in many popular majors. Benefits of earning an ADT in some instances can include:
    • Guaranteed Admission to the CSU System
    • GPA Advantage to impacted campuses
    • Transfer as a Junior and only have 60 more units to complete at a CSU
  • Be sure to confirm these benefits and more with your OC counselor. For more information click here to view the ADT website.

How do I apply for a degree or certificate of achievement?

  • It is important to meet with a counselor multiple times throughout your academic journey at Oxnard College to ensure the appropriate courses are taken to meet your education goals and the necessary paperwork is completed for graduation, transfer and otherwise. You can refer to the online calendar for important deadlines ( and/or call the Counseling Office at 805-678-5816 or click here for more details.

Am I assigned a specific counselor?

  • No, although there are specific counselors assigned to programs such as EAC, EOPS, CalWORKs and OMEGA.

What is an Abbreviated Student Education Plan (SEP)?

  • An abbreviated SEP is typically one to two semesters in length; it outlines and suggests courses that are relevant to your education goals and take into consideration your immediate needs.

What is a Comprehensive Student Education Plan (SEP)?

  • A comprehensive SEP is at least two terms in length. It includes all of the courses (general education and major courses) by semester required to achieve your academic goals here at Oxnard College. This plan takes into consideration your individualized academic, career and transfer goals as applicable.   

Why do I need a Student Education Plan?

  • Studies have found that students who have a Comprehensive SEP are more likely to complete their educational goals. Students are also required to complete an SEP in order to receive Priority Registration.

What is “priority registration” and am I eligible?

  • Every student who has a current application on file will be given a registration date and time. You can view your registration date/time on your MY VCCCD portal. If you have not attended Oxnard College (or a college within our District) for more than two semesters, you will need to complete a new application. After applying, completing the three steps of the enrollment process (assessment testing, orientation and creating an education plan) will ensure you have the earliest possible registration date. The assessment test information can be found at, the online orientation can be done via your portal (on the MY SUCCESS tab), and the education plan can be completed with a counselor.

How do I request an evaluation of classes I have taken at other Colleges/Universities in the United States?

  • You must first submit the official transcripts from all Colleges/Universities attended to the Oxnard College A&R Office. You can submit these in person or via mail.

Oxnard College
Att: Admissions & Records Office
4000 South Rose Ave
Oxnard, CA 93033

 Once you have confirmed receipt (805-678-5810), you can meet with a counselor to evaluate.

How do I request an evaluation of classes I have taken at a foreign institution?

  • You will have to submit official transcripts to Oxnard College’s A&R Office, in addition to the English translation performed by an approved evaluator service such as Educational Credential Evaluators.

What is a prerequisite? What is a corequisite?

  • A prerequisite is a preparation course that must be completed (and passed with a “C” grade or better) before you are able to enroll in a certain course or program. A corequisite is a course you must take simultaneously in order to enroll and succeed in another course.

How do I request for a prerequisite to be waived?

  • You will need to submit a transcript which clearly states your name, the high school or college name, and the course/prerequisite and grade earned – this can be official or unofficial. You can request this in person at the Counseling Office or via email at You can find more details here about clearing a prerequisite.
  • If the prerequisite course is currently in progress, you can obtain a ‘Progress Report’ form from the Counseling office and have your professor complete the form indicating your current grade in the course. Once completed, submit to the Counseling Office for review.

How do I drop a course? Are there deadlines?

  • You can drop a course via your My VCCCD portal under the Register tab. The deadlines associated with dropping a course can be found on the Schedule of Classes when you click on the corresponding CRN number.

What does “W” mean on my transcript? How can I avoid this?

  • “W” means withdrawal. You can avoid this by dropping the course before the drop deadline, as outlined on the Schedule of Classes. Please note that there are two drop deadlines for each class: an earlier one whereby you do not receive a “W” and a later one whereby you do receive a “W”.

If I have a “W” in a course and I retake this same course, will the “W” go away?

  • No, the “W” will remain on the transcript.

What is academic probation and progress probation?

  • Academic probation is when your overall GPA is below a 2.0. Progress probation is when you are failing and/or withdrawing from more than 50% of your attempted units every semester.

How do I maintain eligibility to receive the BOG fee waiver?

  • In order to keep and maintain the Bog fee waiver you must remain in Good Academic Standing and not fall into probation or dismissal. For more information regarding losing and reinstating the BOG click here.

Can I repeat a course that I failed?

  • You have three attempts to pass a course within the Ventura Community College District (withdrawals are counted as an attempt). The “D”/”F” grades and “W” will remain on your transcript but the best/passing grade will be calculated into your GPA. If you do not pass a course, after the three attempts, you can petition to take it a fourth time (this petition is reviewed by the Vice President of Oxnard College). If the petition is not approved, you must take the course at a community college OUTSIDE of the Ventura Community College District.

Can I repeat a course I passed in order to earn a better grade?

  • If you pass a course with a grade of “C” or better, you may not retake the course at any of the three community colleges within the Ventura Community College District (Oxnard, Ventura, Moorpark).