Campus Use, Development and Safety Committee


The Campus Use, Development, and Safety Committee derives its authority from the Oxnard College Shared Decision Making and Collegial Consultation document approved in 2007 by the Academic and Classified Senates, Associated Student Government, and OC Management. The Campus Use, Development, and Safety Committee reports directly to the Planning and Budgeting Council.


The Campus Use, Development, and Safety (CUDS) Committee is the primary committee charged with monitoring campus-wide issues relating to campus use, development, and safety, and making recommendations to remedy any problems arising from these issues that affect the operations and maintenance of facilities, and the safety of students and staff of Oxnard College.


To oversee the coordination of the OC emergency plan.

To promote informed and constructive dialogue for the effective development of a safe work environment.

To coordinate with the appropriate committees so that campus use and development occurs through the participatory governance process.


In order to accomplish the above goals, the CUDS Committee:

Reviews, addresses, and reports safety issues in a timely manner.

Annually reviews lighting, signage, building names, maps, way-finding (addresses the experience a person has when entering a campus facility).

Reviews and recommends remodeling of existing facilities, and safety issues.

Develops a comprehensive emergency plan, including education, training, and follow-up activities.

Posts approved CUDS agendas and minutes to the Intranet and takes other appropriate means to inform the college community.

Where appropriate, CUDS will communicate suggestions, recommendations, and review decisions to the participatory governance community.


A safer work and learning environment.

A positive campus experience.

Improved image of Oxnard College in the community.

Reduced number of accidents, incidents, and injuries.

A heightened sense of safety and security.

An increased utilization of strategic, educational, and facilities master plans, where appropriate, to campus use and development.

A well-informed campus community on matters related to campus space, use, safety, and development.


The Campus Use, Development, and Safety Committee meets the second Tuesday of each month during the Fall and Spring Semesters, with additional meetings scheduled as needed. If a member misses three consecutive meetings, he/she will no longer be considered a voting member.