The College Use, Development, and Safety (CUDS) Committee supports and advances the college mission, vision, and values by assessing and evaluating college needs related to facilities use, efficiency, accessibility, development, maintenance, and safety. CUDS makes recommendations to the College Planning Council.


Members are selected or appointed on an annual basis prior to the conclusion of the spring semester for the subsequent academic year.


  • Vice President of Business Services: Chris Renbarger
  • Academic Senate President or designee: Emily Zwaal
  • Classified Senate President or designee: Berenice Rodriguez

Committee Members

  • Five Academic Senate representatives
    1. Celina Benavides-Black
    2. Kevin Hughes
    3. Juan Zuniga
    4. Raffi Najarian
    5. Jose Carlos Victoria Montoya
  • Three Classified Senate representatives
    1. Fidelia Flores
    2. Xilen Ramirez
    3. Susie Lawrence
  • Two Associated Student Government representatives
    1. Lux Orozco
    2. Daniela Zamora
  • One Management representative
    1. Paloma Vargas
  • College Police Lieutenant: Cesar Romero
  • Director of Maintenance and Operations: Jacob Norris
  • Educational Assistance Center Coordinator: Leo Orange
  • Health Center Coordinator: Adriana Parsons
  • Public Safety Department Chair: Bill Lynch
  • One AFT representative: Lilia Ruvalcaba


Berenice Rodriguez



Members have the following responsibilities:

  • Review and make recommendations regarding the implementation of the Facilities Master Plan.
  • Develop annual and long-term objectives to implement college emergency and safety plans.
  • Study existing facilities and facilities use to recommend modifications and improvements.
  • Promote energy efficiency, conservation, and environmental stewardship in decisions.
  • Ensure that all college facilities are physically and electronically accessible to all, in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.
  • Hear and address relevant concerns brought to the committee’s attention.
  • Prepare and communicate monthly updates on members’ areas of expertise.


The College Use, Development, and Safety Committee meets at 2:30 PM on the second Tuesday of the month.