The University of California system is a world-class, public institution with 9 undergraduate campuses. 150 academic disciplines are offered across UC campuses, preparing students to be leaders in research, graduate study, and professional careers.

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UC Minimum Requirements:

  • Complete 60 UC-transferable units
  • Earn a 2.4 GPA in all UC-transferable courses
  • Complete the required 7-course pattern with a grade of C or better in each course:
    • 1. English R101
    • 2. English R102, R102H, R128 
    • 3. Transferable math - Math R101, R105, R105H, R106, R115, R120, R121, R122, R134, R143; Psy R103, Soc R125 
    • 4-7. Four courses chosen from at least 2 of the following areas:
      • ​​​Arts & Humanities (IGETC Area 3)
      • Social & Behavioral Sciences (IGETC Area
      • Physical & Biological Sciences (IGETC Area 5)

Follow these tips and steps to make sure you are prepared to apply and transfer from Oxnard College to a UC school:

  1. Complete at least 60 UC Transferable Units (This must include completion of the UC seven course pattern as well as some of your major preparation, general education coursework. Use to help you determine which Oxnard College courses can be transferred to a UC.)
  2. Obtain a minimum grade point average of 2.4 if you are a resident or 2.8 if you are a non-resident. Keep in mind that this is the minimum required GPA and does not guarantee admission to a UC. A higher GPA will help you be a more competitive candidate.
  3. Complete lower division coursework in your major.
  4. Although completion of courses in your major is not required for admission unless your major is impacted, it is highly recommended that you begin taking your lower division major coursework while you are at Oxnard College.
  5. Begin Completing your General Education Requirements.
  6. Follow the IGETC GE Pattern to determine which GE courses you can begin taking now. For more information regarding general education, please contact a counselor or university representative.
  7. Meet with a Counselor & UC University Representative.
  8. For further information on the requirements and process to transfer to the University of California, please make an appointment with a counselor in the University Transfer Center (D-7).
  9. Create a Transfer Admissions Planner account.
  10. Start your application.
  11. Review upcoming UC application deadlines to make sure you submit your UC application on time.

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