Important Information: 

In accordance with the campus safety precaution measures due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19), the University Transfer Center will be VIRTUAL only. All appointments -- transfer counseling, and University Rep. -- will be conducted either through Zoom or over the phone at the preference of the student. All workshops will be conducted through Zoom, and the Transfer Center staff are available to respond to emails or phone calls to the office numbers listed. We are here for you, and look forward to assisting with your transfer path -- providing all services in a virtual and safe environment. If you have any difficulty with technologies, please email the Office Assistant - Gabriela Pulido <> for assistance.

General email: 



Dr. Letty Mojica, University Transfer Center Coordinator/Counselor


Phone: 1-805-678-5035


Micaela Bailey, University Transfer Center Counselor



Maria Alonzo, University Transfer Center Coach


Phone: 1-805-678-5316 


Gabriela Pulido, Office Assistant


Phone: 1-805-652-7779 ext. 51851

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: Oxnard College University Transfer Center


: @ocuniversitytransfer (OC University Transfer Center)