Test Proctoring

Hours for Summer Session 2024: 

May 20th - August 2nd

Monday - Thursday


Oxnard College Test Proctoring Center

Our Test Proctoring Center proudly serves the students of Oxnard College. Located on the second floor of the library, tests/exams taken in the center must be for Oxnard College. The Proctoring Center is intended for students to complete an exam under staff supervision. It is not intended or equipped for an entire class to take an exam at the same time. 

Important: The Center will NOT replace the EAC proctoring of tests for students with special accommodations. For more information, contact VP of Academic Affairs, Luis Gonzalez lgonzalez@vcccd.edu

Appointments: Currently not required; drop-ins only

Types of Exams: You can request proctoring for a paper/pencil/Scantron test, or an online exam (in Canvas)