2020-2021 Scholarship Applications are now available.

Deadline to submit applications is Thursday, February 27, 2020

(2018-2019 Academic Excellence Awardees)

Please note that NO faxed copies, emails, scanned, late or incomplete applications will be accepted and/or eligible for consideration.  Also, please note the following:

  • If you are enrolled at any University, your status will follow the Transferring Student criteria. Once you have received a Transferring Scholarship, you are no longer eligible for Oxnard College Scholarships. We wish you well in your future endeavors!
  • Scholarship Funding will only reimburse Oxnard College students (enrolled in minimum of 6 units at OC) for eligible out-of-pocket expenses such as textbooks and supplies. OCF will only reimburse one computer/laptop per studentt. We do not reimburse for child care, transportation, living expenses, or textbooks for classes taken at Ventura or Moorpark College.

Scholarship Application Instructions

STEP 1   -   To be eligible to apply for Oxnard College Foundation scholarships, one of the following categories must be met.  Download the correct form for which you are eligible.

  1. Entering Student from High School – You must be enrolled at any Ventura County High School, be graduating this academic year, and planning to enroll at Oxnard College by the upcoming Fall semester.

  2. Continuing/Returning/Re-Entry Student – You must be currently enrolled full-time with a minimum of 12 units and enrolled in 12 or more units at the time the award is disbursed unless criteria includes part-time students.  Returning/Re-Entry applicants must be returning to higher education after a break in education for two or more years, planning to enroll at Oxnard College or are already enrolled at Oxnard College after a 2-year break this current school year. 

  3. Transferring Student – You must have completed a minimum of 48 units at Oxnard College and will be entering a four-year institution by the upcoming Fall semester.

STEP 2   -   Complete the appropriate OCF Scholarship Application using the fillable PDF form or by printing the form and writing legibly in black or blue ink

  1. Student Information – Complete the entire information section.

  2. Financial Information – Complete the entire financial section.

  3. Personal Information – Respond briefly to each question.  If more space is needed, please attach an extra sheet.

  4. Scholarship Essay – Write an essay using the instructions provided. If more space is needed, please attach an extra sheet.

  5. Scholarship Categories – Select scholarship criteria’s you qualify for in both Sections A & B.  Remember to only mark those scholarships for which you qualify.  Our generous donors have established specific criteria to provide students with scholarships in their related field of study, special interests, GPA or careers.

  6. Applicant Certification – At this point, please save and print your application.  Then sign and date the original packet under “Applicant Certification” certifying that you meet all the criteria/qualifications for each of the scholarships that you marked on your application.

STEP 3   -  Submit two (2) Recommendation Forms, Unofficial Transcripts, and Additional Essays (if required)

You must submit two (2) Recommendation Sheets completed by faculty and/or classified employees on campus from qualified individuals with direct knowledge of your abilities and potential.  At least one must be from an Oxnard College faculty unless otherwise noted in the criteria.  Please Note:  Scholarship Selection Committee members cannot write recommendation forms. (You should allow faculty and/or classified staff at least two weeks to complete the Recommendation Form)

You must submit a copy of your Oxnard College Unofficial Transcripts. If you are a high school student, you must submit a copy of your high school transcripts.

You must submit any additional essays if the scholarship you are applying for is requesting an additional essay.

STEP 4   -   After completing your original application packet, including all attachments, make the following copies (all copies should be the same and include all documents required)

  • 1-Original Packet for the Oxnard College Foundation

  • 1-Copy for Section A (no matter how many scholarships you apply for in Section A, please submit only 1 copy)

  • 1-Copy for EACH Scholarship you selected in Section B (each scholarship that you apply for in this section requires its own copy as each copy is distributed to the individual donors for their selection committee}

Scholarship Applications

Please be sure you have carefully reviewed the 4-Steps above prior to completing your scholarship application.  Remember that incomplete scholarship application packets will be ineligible for consideration.

You can find some helpful tips on preparing and submitting a successful scholarship application here.

Faculty / Staff Evaluation Forms

Scholarship Funding / Reimbursement Forms