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The mission of the Oxnard College Foundation is to provide support to campus development, student scholarships, educational programs, and other college needs in order to promote the progressive and continuing advancement of Oxnard College, to further educational excellence and enable the college to serve as an exemplary multi-cultural community resource.

The 2021-22 OCF Scholarship
Application Deadline
is March 31 @ 3pm
Click here to apply today!

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Scholarship Applications Online

The 2021-22 Scholarship Applications are now online through your student portal. View our Scholarships in 6 Steps Infographic to apply online and email the OCF Scholarship Coordinator, Ariane Perez <> if you have any questions.

OC Foundation Scholarship Application Infographic
The  is outlined in 6 steps for students to login and begin applying for OC Foundation Scholarships. The online application is now accessible through your student portal - under The MyCollegeQuicklinks section on the My College tab.
Once you click on the OC Foundation Scholarship Application link, login using your complete school email address and the password used to access your student portal. You may be required to login to the student portal again.
Once the logins are complete, you will be directed to the Home page of Scholarship Manager. Click on the application that aligns with your academic level:
Entering High School student Application
Continuing/Returning student Application
Transfer student Application
Fire Academy Application
The online application allows you to login at any time to complete your application. Recommenders will be immediately notified, so be sure to email professors and faculty ahead of time, so they are aware of the recommendation letter request and have enough time to respond.
Once you are completely finished with your application, mark "Yes" on the dropdown for the Application Certification, and click submit.
Please note: once an application has been submitted, it cannot be retrieved. Students will receive additional information from OC Foundation as scholarships are reviewed by the Committee(s). 



The Scholarship Applications are divided into 4 applications that correspond with your academic level:

  • Entering high school student application
  • Continuing/Returning student application
  • Transfer student application
  • Fire Academy application

Please click on the application that pertains to you once you have logged in to the scholarship application website, and follow the instructions to answer the questions.

OC Foundation virtual drop-in sessions

OC Foundation is offering Scholarship Application Student Drop-In Sessions every Friday @ 10am until the deadline!

Connect with us via Zoom to ask a quick question and receive assistance.

Zoom ID: 979 9093 1666

Type in the Zoom ID or click on the image to the left to join us on Friday mornings.

Please note: drop-in sessions are on a first come, first serve basis.


Essay Questions

The OC Foundation scholarship applications have specific essay questions that pertain to your academic level. Click on the accordion dropdown menus below to view the essay questions. Students can choose to type out their essays on a Word doc and then copy and paste into the application, or type out their answers directly on the application.

Please note: the scholarship application session will automatically log out after 45 minutes of inactivity. 

Scholarship Application Essay Questions

Habits of Highly Effective Scholarship Applicants

These tips for success will help you through the scholarship process. 

  1. Apply - You may be eligible, but if you don't apply, you will never know.
  2. Follow Directions - Read everything and follow the directions carefully.
  3. Complete the Application in Full - Be sure to complete the entire application including entering N/A for those areas that do not apply to you. Also be sure to attach transcripts, recommendation letters and complete essays to your completed application.
  4. Thoughtful Essays - Remember your essay is how we get to know you. Your essay should be an honest and well thought out portrayal of you and your life experience.
  5. Review and Refine - Be sure to review your application one or more times to ensure you have it complete and that you have included all the necessary attachments. It may even prove beneficial to have a friend or relative review it with you.
  6. Punctuality Counts - Adhere to all application deadlines! Make sure your application is submitted through the Scholarship Manager database and completed on time.