Need help paying your fees?

The Board of Governors of the California Community College system offers a fee waiver program for low-income residents of California that are attending a community college. The California College Promise Grant (CCPG), formerly known as the BOG fee waiver, will waive all per-unit enrollment fees ($46 per unit) for an eligible student. It will also waive a portion of parking permit fees. To qualify for a CCPG, you need to:

  1. Be classified as a resident of California or AB 540 student by Admissions and Records.
  2. Meet income criteria by:
    • Providing proof that you are receiving monthly cash assistance from TANF/CalWORKs, SSI/SSP or General Assistance (or, if a dependent student, your parent(s) receive this assistance) or
    • Establishing that your income (or your parent's income, if you are a dependent student) was within set income standards for the CCPG or
    • Completing a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) at Oxnard College and have remaining financial need or
    • Being a Congressional Medal of Honor recipient (or dependent); being a dependent of a victim of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attack; having certification from the California Department of Veteran Affairs or the National Guard Adjutant General; or being a dependent of a deceased law enforcement/fire suppression personnel killed in the line of duty that you are eligible for this waiver.


hat are the income standards for 2020 - 2021?

Family Size 2018 Income
1 $18,735.00 
2 $25,365.00
3 $31,995.00
4 $38,625.00
5 $45,255.00
6 $51,885.00
7 $58,515.00
8 $65,145.00
Each Additional Family Member $6,630