The Financial Aid Office staff is ready to help!

For general financial aid questions, please contact the Financial Aid Office at 

805-678-5828 or

To better serve our students, the Financial Aid Specialist is assigned to specific caseloads.  To find the Specialist assigned to you, please search by your last name.


(by student last name)

Financial Aid Staff


A - Can

Edlin Garcia, Financial Aid Specialist (Bilingual)

Focus: Veteran, Outreach and Dental Hygiene 

Phone: 805-678-5141 /

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Cao - Fi

Mayra Hernandez GonzalezFinancial Aid Specialist (Bilingual)

Focus: Outreach

Phone: 805-678-5128 /

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FL - He

Diana GarciaFinancial Aid Specialist

Focus: Calfresh

Phone: 805-678-5234 /

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Hi - Ma

Fidelia FloresFinancial Aid Specialist

Focus: Foster Youth Liaison and Dreamer/Undocumented Student Liaison and Homeless Youth Liaison 

Phone: 805-678-5139 /

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Mc - Po

Roberta ChineryFinancial Aid Specialist

Focus: Athletic Liaison

Phone: 805-678-5142 /

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Pr - Sc

Maria Ruth Cervantes, Financial Aid Specialist (Bilingual)

Focus: Dreamer/Undocumented Student Liaison 

Phone: 805-678-5143 /

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Se - Z

Graciela Sanchez, Financial Aid Specialist

Focus: Dreamer/Undocumented Student Liaison 

Phone: 805-678-5171 /
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Jessica Flores, Financial Aid Data Specialist

Phone: 805-678-5127/

Linda Fa'asua, Financial Aid Officer

E-mail at

Michelle Tuyub, Office Assistant

(805)678-5274 /