To Qualify to be an EOPS student:

  • Be eligible for the California College Promise Grant (A or B)
  • Be a full-time student (full-time student = 12 units)
  • If you are an Education Assistance Center (EAC) Student, your full-time status may be different
  • For students under 9 units, we will need a letter from EAC verifying your full-time load status
  • Be a California resident
  • Have less than 50 degree applicable units
  • We will review your transcript to determine if you have 50 degree applicable units
  • Be educationally disadvantaged

To qualify for CARE program, an umbrella under EOPS:

  • You must have a child under the age of eighteen (18 years old)
  • Be currently receiving cash assistance from the county
  • And be considered a single head of household by the county

SERVICES for EOPS Eligible Students

  • Counseling Services (academic, career, and personal)
  • Priority Registration
  • EOPS Book Grant
  • School Supplies
  • EOPS Grant Funding
  • Honors Event
  • Recognition Event
  • Graduation Cap and Gown
  • Tutoring
  • Student computer lab
  • Printing for school related projects
  • Workshops and activities
  • Access to a Food Pantry
  • UC/CSU application Fee Waivers
  • CARE benefits (for single parents receiving TANF or CalWORKs)