Registration Assistance

Students with verified disabilities develop educational plans/contracts in line with their goals for educational development and employment. These plans, as well as the courses required to meet them and the accommodations to neutralize the disabilities are reviewed each semester with an EAC counselor. Students may enroll during the priority registration period after the counseling appointment.

Procedure for using this service:

  1. Make an appointment with the EAC counselor to select classes and arrange for services for the coming semester.
  2. Take the white and blue priority registration card to the Admissions Office (LRC Building) with your payment. Note: If you work with the Department of Rehabilitation, bring your IEP and call your DR counselor immediately after your EAC appointment to arrange for payment.
  3. Return to the EAC with the computer print out which you receive as verification of your enrollment.

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"If you embrace DIVERSITY but ignore DISABILITY, you're doing it wrong..."