Audio Books and Alternate Format Materials

Some students experience difficulty reading classroom materials due to visual problems, learning disabilities, or motor impairments.

EAC can provide or create textbooks in a variety of formats to qualified students free of charge (students must still purchase a hard copy or electronic copy of the class textbooks).


Audio textbooks

EAC also creates audio textbooks in MP3, DAISY, and Kurzweil 3000 formats. As technology evolves, we are creating alternate textbooks for a wide variety of portable devices including iPad, Kindle, and Nook. Check with us for details.

Besides audio books, we can provide your classroom print materials in various other formats including Braille. Because of the lead time necessary to produce Braille materials, we strongly recommend Braille users contact us as soon as possible to insure timely availability of materials.

Procedure for using this service:

  1. Register as soon as possible for your classes. Take advantage of early registration at EAC!
  2. Contact the Accommodations Specialist in EAC .
  3. EAC will order or create audio books and will notify you when they arrive.

Other sources for audio books:

  • The EAC High Tech Center Lab has scanning software (Kurzweil 3000) to read books.
  • Learning Ally
  • Braille Institute Library: (213) 660-3880.
  • Clearinghouse for Specialized Media and Technology: (916) 445-5103

Hot Tip: Do not wait until classes start to order your alternate format books. There is sometimes a lengthy turnaround time to acquire or create audio textbooks. Order your books as soon as you register for classes.