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Testimonials from parents of CDC children


Mother and child
"I really like the professionalism of the teachers and staff and the enthusiasm and commitment the school makes to the children. I would highly recommend the Oxnard College Child development Center for anyone looking to enrich their child's life."
-- G. and C. Flores

"I would recommend the Center because I see firsthand how hard the staff work to help the children learn. My son has learned his colors, shapes and some numbers and he is only 2 years old!"
-- K.Cranfill

"My husband and I were looking for a really responsible, clean , learning environment for our child and the first time we came to the Oxnard College Child development center we knew we were in the right place!"
-- C. Whittkins

"Since enrolling in the OC Child Development Center my daughter is learning to share her toys and doesn't mind to wait her turn. In addition she has gained very impressive communication skills and is able to play alone and with others more effectively. The teachers are of great help in teaching me new successful ways in dealing with my daughter at home, and working together on effective discipline techniques discipline. I also liked the counselor who is available to assist us."
-- B. Garman


Mother and Son
"Through the years at the center my children have had the opportunity to learn through play and organized classroom activities. They have developed great social skills, sharing, and patience along with many other important life skills. The wonderful qualified staff has always been very supportive of the families, the child in his learning environment and the hurried parent in school and work. I have been able to achieve my educational goals knowing that my sons are in qualified hands. I am thankful for everything that OCCDC has offered and provided in helping with the first years of my children's education."
-- J. Villegas

"I am very pleased with this program and what it has done for me and my son. Compared to other facilities I appreciate the small groups and student-teacher ratio. My son is 2 years old and has already begun to identify colors and follows directions very well. He has developed close relationships with his friends and teachers and looks forward to going to school in the morning!"
-- L. Guzman

"Thanks to the quality care and early childhood education that is provided at the Oxnard College Child Development Center my daughter has developed skills that will help insure her success in Kindergarten next year! Not only can she identify her colors, letters, and numbers she is able write her name. More importantly she has developed an awareness of her feelings (hers and others) and has learned the fundamental aspects of being a kind and loving person."
-- A. Davis

"I never feel like I am leaving my son in daycare, it feels more like family. My son never asks if he "has" to go to the Center, he asks if he "gets to" go instead. The feeling that your child is excited to go to school each day instead of begging you to stay home is indescribable. I am so happy that he is learning and growing in a positive environment and I don't have to worry about him. I know that when I drop him off, he is busy learning lessons that will be the foundation for the rest of his life; laughing, playing and exploring with his friends."
-- A. Gonzales


Children and mom
"We will sorely miss the school next year. The program staff reflects professionalism, competency, enthusiasm, and genuine commitment to participating children and families. We are grateful for your collective investment in our son, while at the same time providing us with effective parenting tools and strategies. We are convinced our family will reap even more rewards for years to come as a result of his early years at the Oxnard Child Development Center."
-- G. Fernandez

"A quality preschool program REALLY DOES really makes a difference in a child's life for the long term!!! My daughter J. has an advantage because she went to a preschool where there was a low child/teacher ratio, where teachers did not let her wander alone for hours on end. Where the staff offered endless sensory experiences, engaged her, taught her how to play with others, and still managed to give her space when she really needed it. I can honestly tell you sending J. to Oxnard CDC was one of the best decisions and investments I have ever made."
-- L. Williams