About the Child Development Center

Developmental Learning

The Child Development Center is available to all families without regard to race, religion, color, national origin, age, gender, sexual orientation, or physical disability. Additionally, no religious instruction is provided. The daily program operates with the belief that each family comes with its own unique ethnic, cultural and familial backgrounds, values and beliefs. We strive to foster a secure, loving and safe environment that encourages each child to develop at their own pace in all areas of development. In order to provide the best experience for each child, we encourage parents to actively participate. Constant communication between parents and center staff assures a positive experience for all.

We offer early childhood education. Since children of a wide variety of ages and stages attend, the first consideration is their emotional well-being. To that end, we create an environment that provides a variety of learning experiences in all areas of cognitive, physical, self-help, language acquisition, and social/ emotional development. These experiences enable children to build self-esteem, develop a sincere interest in learning and become competent individuals within a group setting.Coloring book fun


The Creative Curriculum for Early Childhood

Our early childhood education program is strongly supported by the nationally recognized Creative Curriculum.The Creative Curriculum®is a comprehensive, scientifically based early childhood curriculum that is based on sound developmental theory and has been shown through experimental studies to improve classroom quality and cognitive and social-emotional outcomes, Additionally it meets all of the standards put forth for effective early childhood curricula by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) and the National Association of Early Childhood Specialists in State Departments of Education (NAECS/SDE).Not only is every aspect of The Creative Curriculum® but a number of research studies have been conducted to validate its effectiveness.

This curriculum is built on the premise that children are endowed with a natural sense of curiosity. The education that we provide nurtures children's curiosity, and assists as they explore the world around them. Our curriculum is age appropriate and literacy rich. We promote the cognitive, social / emotional, physical and language development of each child. Children are encouraged to investigate, create and discover in order to add to their current knowledge. Our daily schedule encompasses active indoor and outdoor play in what we refer to as learning centers. The indoor centers will include but not limited to:

  • Blocks  
  • Dramatic Play 
  • Math Toys and Games
  • Art
  • Science/Discovery
  • Music and Movement
  • Language and Literacy

 The OC-CDC program and Creative Curriculum together: 

  • Strengthen cooperative behaviors
  • Increase pre-literacy and math skills
  • Promote decision making skills
  • Encourage imaginative thinking
  • Foster self-confidence and problem solving skills

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About our Education Team

The Oxnard College Child Development Center employs degreed teachers who are committed to educating young children. Our teaching team more than meets the qualifications needed to teach in the state of California.  They all have the appropriate teaching certificates and permits required to teach preschool and are very knowledgeable of how children develop and learn.  Our family oriented education team remains up-to-date on the latest educational research and continue to enhance their teaching skills through professional growth opportunities in early childhood development classes and workshops  

We are proud to keep our ratios to one adult to eight children in our preschool rooms. We look forward to making the home-school connection with you and your child.