About Us

Mission Statement

The Oxnard College Child Development Center provides high-quality care and the application of early childhood education principles.  This blending is designed to meet the individual needs of all children and families in the program.  In addition, the center serves as a laboratory school for future child development professionals.


We believe that parents and staff are partners and share the responsibility of providing safe, nurturing, and developmentally appropriate environments for children. We encourage active learning through organized play, loving interaction, and joyful exploration. Developmental activities, appropriate to the children's ages and stages, are planned and presented by professional staff trained in state-of-the-art principles of child development, early education, and quality group care.  

Goal & Objectives

The fundamental goal of the children's program is to provide an environment in which each child can grow to their fullest potential.  The program provides a quality model for students training to become early childhood educators as well as students from other disciplines who wish to observe the growth and development of young children.  Each classroom offers a curriculum that reflects the needs of the growing child and is dedicated to successful social, emotional, physical, and intellectual development.

Our program objectives are:

  • To nurture each child’s physical health and promoting emotional stability,
  • To foster respectful interactions with consistent caregivers and predictable daily routines,
  • To encourage the development of a positive self-identity,
  • To provide social experiences that will stimulate a sense of personal responsibility and awareness of the rights of others,
  • To provide environments and activities that will support the children’s exploration and learning,
  • To encourage the development of language, literacy, and conceptual skills,
  • To support and facilitate problem-solving skills 
  • To establish a relationship with families and recognize each family as the primary source of their children.
  • To offer opportunities and environments where college students will be able to observe and apply early child development principles


 About our Education Team

The Oxnard College Child Development Center employs degreed teachers who are committed to educating young children. Our teaching team more than meets the qualifications needed to teach in the state of California.  They all have the appropriate teaching certificates and permits required to teach preschool and are very knowledgeable about how children develop and learn.  Our family-oriented education team remains up to date on the latest educational research and continue to enhance their teaching skills through professional growth opportunities in early childhood development classes and workshops.  

Classrooms are composed of Child Development Associates and Assistants, including Child Development College Students, and the front office is comprised of College Student Workers and a Center Supervisor. Altogether, the team is accountable for supporting each other and providing a high-quality program to all children, college students, families, and visitors.