CDC Lab School

Lab School

As a Laboratory Program, the Child Development Center is connected to the Oxnard College Early Childhood Education (ECE) Academic Program. Students enrolled in the ECE academic program at Oxnard College have priority in completing their observation and practicum hours on-campus.

If you have a one-time observation to complete, please contact us for information. 

Observation and Practicum Students

Please have the following documentation ready if you would like to complete your hours with us. 

No hours may be completed until ALL documents have been turned in.

Notes: The deadline to turn in the following is by the end of second week of the semester. 

  • The Syllabus showing the name of the class, the name of the college, and the requirements for the class (ex. 120 hours of observation, 2 days of observations) 
  • The Letter from the professor stating that you need to complete hours for the class 
  • Your Vaccination Record showing the following 
    • MMR (mandatory)
    • TDAP (within 10 years, mandatory) 
    • Current TB Skin test or Risk Assessment (mandatory)
    • Flu shot (may be waived)

TB risk assessment can be completed at the Student Health Center for Oxnard College Students. 

Location: Oxnard College, Student Services Building, room 162

Phone: 805-678-5832


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