The Center as a Campus Childcare Program

As a childcare provider, the Center offers a wideMom and Child range of programs and services for approximately 60 preschoolers who range in age from 24 months to six years. Given the important milestones in physical, cognitive, and emotional growth that children must reach within this particular age range, the Center makes it a point to offer programs and services that cater to their various developmental needs. Parents pay for a contracted schedule on a full day or a part-day basis. To enrich the children’s learning experience at the Center, parents are required to participate in Center activities at least five hours each semester.

The fundamental goal of the Center is to provide a safe and caring learning environment for children. Its programs are diverse and well rounded, with a focus on providing a variety of learning experiences. There is also an individualized assessment components. The staff places a high premium on providing activities that are developmentally appropriate and culturally sensitive. These activities are further individualized, tailored to children’s specific needs and interests, and are designed to honor each child as special and unique. Center staff use positive guidance and strive at all times to foster a climate that is warm and supportive to both children and their parents.

BlocksIn terms of the Center’s physical and structural layout, its indoor and outdoor learning environments are specifically designed to encourage exploration, self-direction, responsibility, and decision-making among the children. Each child chooses from a variety of “learning centers,” including creative art, math, science, dramatic play, and manipulative activities. Many of the activities available in the centers (puzzles, Legos, blocks, etc.) enhance the fine motor coordination and perceptual skills necessary for school readiness. In addition, opportunities for language and listening-skills development and self-expression are provided.