Priority Registration for Vets

Register for classes on the first day of the registration period

Oxnard offers priority registration for classes to all veterans and members of the military. If you are using your VA educational benefits, you will automatically be entered into the system to receive first-day priority registration. If you are not using your VA educational benefits at a public community college and want priority registration, you must present your DD214 or military ID to Admissions and Records.


Request Your Benefits Each Semester

Certification is not automatic. To have your certification submitted to the VA, you must register for classes, complete the Program Approval Form with a counselor and submit the completed form to the Veterans Certifying Agent in Admissions and Records, L113 before the start of each semester.


Report Any Changes

Always contact the Oxnard College Veterans Certifying Office located in admissions and records to report any change in your enrollment. Changes such as Add/Drop or Withdrawals, switching courses, etc. need to be reported immediately so that students do not end up owing money back to the VA.