Continuing Vets at Oxnard College

Request Your Benefits Each Semester

Certification is not automatic, so make sure you see your Veteran Counselor for a program approval form.


Verify Attendance

Those receiving the Post-9/11 VA Educational Benefit do not have to verify their attendance through WAVE (Web Automated Verification of Enrollent). Your school certifying official is responsible for verifying your attendance with VA at the beginning of your term. You are responsible for ensuring that your school certifying official is aware of your enrollment, and any subsequent changes in your schedule.


Report Any Changes

Always contact the Oxnard College Veterans Certifying Official to report any change in your enrollment. Changes such as Add/Drop or Withdrawals, switching courses, etc. need to be reported immediately so that students do not end up owing money back to the VA.


Submit an Educational Plan to the Admissions and Records Office

A counselor-approved educational plan must be obtained and filed in the Admissions Certifying Official Office Window each semester for payment. The educational plan is obtained from an Oxnard College Veterans Resource Center Counselor or general counselors only. Please call the Veterans Resource Center for an appointment at (805) 678-5845.

  • Call for an appointment and state that you need a veteran's educational plan.
  • A new educational plan must be submitted each time you change your major/degree objective.
  • You will receive a copy of the educational plan; it is imperative that you follow it and enroll only in courses required for your stated degree objective. Please bring Certifying Officials in Admissions and Records office a copy once you have one.
  • The educational plan must be specific and indicate each class you need to fulfill your degree objective (major, pre-requisites, general education requirements, and electives), taking into account all of the coursework you have already completed toward your degree objective. (This means that all transcripts should be received before the appointment is made.) We can use unofficial for this appointment. Request official from other schools to be sent to Oxnard College Admissions and Records Office ASAP!

Be aware that the VA places restrictions on what courses you may be paid for. You can only be paid for classes that apply toward completion of your degree objective. A counselor's recommendation may not be payable under VA regulations, especially if the class is a "recommended" elective.

Note: Per VA guidelines, students are required to declare a major. "Undeclared" or "general education" majors are not acceptable.


Renew Applications for FAFSA and other Financial Aid

Each year, you must complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to determine eligibility for financial aid programs. The FAFSA and the VA Educational Benefits are completely separate programs, and one does not affect or determine the other.

Apply for a California College Promise Grant (formerly BOGW) via the Financial Aid Office.

Please call Edlin Marquez in the Financial Aid Department at (805) 678-5141 if you have questions.