Your Financial Aid Access to Success

1. Complete your FREE Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at

2. Check your MyVCCCD portal account by going to

3. Current Users:  Log on to your MyVCCCD account
    New Users:  Click on Sign up for an account
    Forgot Password?  Click on Forgot Password

4. Check your Financial Aid Status inside MyVCCCD by selecting the Financial Aid tab.
    Scroll down to the Financial Aid Requirements channel.

5. Complete and submit ALL required documents to the financial aid office by:
    Clicking on the Financial Aid Status link
    Select Aid Year and Submit
    Click on the Financial Aid tab
Click on the Eligibility link
    Click on Student Requirements

6. Accept Terms and Conditions: Beginning with the 2019-2020 school year, all financial aid students must
    read and accept ALL Terms and Conditions, including the links to additional information.
    You are responsible to learn and understand Financial Aid Student Rights and Responsibilities
Accept all Terms and Conditions by:
    Clicking on the Financial Aid tab.
    Click on Award.
    Click on Award by Aid Year.
    Select the Terms and Conditions tab.
    Scroll down to the bottom and Accept.
***(If you choose Do Not Accept, you must complete and submit the Title IV Authorization form to Oxnard College Financial Aid Office.)

7. Check your MyVCCCD portal for weekly updates, messages or additional requested information. 
    If you are  eligible for aid, you will be notified through your MyVCCCD portal.