Declaring a Major

Undecided/undeclared is not an eligible Major to receive financial aid. As a financial aid student, you must be enrolled in an eligible course of study leading to a(n)

  • Associate Degree,
  • Certificate of Achievement, or
  • Transfer to a four-year institution.

How to update your Major and/or Educational Goal on MyVCCCD:

If you have chosen undecided/undeclared as your major, please log-on to your MyVCCCD account to update your Major at:

1. Log on to MyVCCCD


MyVCCCD Display Login

2. Click on the 'Dashboard' tab


3. Go to the 'My Information (located in the left side of your screen) and click on 'Primary College'

My Information: primary college button



4. Click the drop down arrow 'Select a Term' to select current term (eg. Spring 20xx) then click 'Submit'.

Update program of study and college area

5. To declare an eligible Major/Ed Goal, click on the drop down lists and select an eligible Major/Ed. Goal and Click 'Save' when finished

Update program of study final


Select a term to view your current program information.

*Programs are base on college selected.

**Financial Aid Students: To change your primary college, contact your financial aid office

Primary College Change Form

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