Specialized counseling services are provided with EOPS students in mind. Some of these services include:

  • Academic/Personal counseling
  • Vocational decision making
  • Career guidance
  • Individual/Group counseling
  • Educational Plan development
  • Transfer/Transitional services

EOPS Grants

EOPS offers grants to eligible students with financial need as determined by Title V guidelines (must have completed FAFSA)  (amounts dependent on available funds, please check with EOPS Office for EOPS Grant awarding policy)

  1. Complete or update an EOPS Educational Plan each semester
  2. Complete 2 visits per semester with a counselor
  3. Complete an additional EOPS visit (i.e. Peer Advisor/Staff visit or attend Spring Pre-Registration)
  4. Attend  EOPS Continuing Student Orientation

Honors Night

Each Fall and Spring Semester, EOPS honors students who received a 3.0 or above GPA in their previous semester.

Recognition Day

EOPS/CARE annually provides certificate, graduating and transfer EOPS students a celebration day.

EOPS/CARE covers the cost of the cap and gown for all EOPS Graduating Students.

EOPS/CARE also gives a special EOPS Kente Cloth to students receiving a degree.


EOPS/CARE offers several scholarships.

All EOPS students are encouraged to apply in January.

Early Registration

EOPS offers early registration each semester. This enables the EOPS student to secure needed classes before campus-wide enrollment.

We require students to have met with a counselor at least once before early registration in order to update the Educational Plan.

EOPS Student Success Course

This course provides EOPS students with college survival strategies:  academic policy; student rights, educational plan, study skills and career information.

Additional Services for Care Eligible Students

  • Easy Access to Successful Employment for Life (EASEL)
  • Funds for  bus passes, meal coupons, gas cards, and/or grants. (amount dependent on available funds)

Peer Advisor

Peer Advisors are college students. Their role is to help potential EOPS students access college services. They assist students in filling out our forms, developing class schedules and introducing them to campus life.