OC Student Campus Jobs

Are you interested in working on campus? Looking to gain experience for your resume while supporting a department or division at Oxnard College and connecting with students?

Apply to work on campus as a student worker! The benefits to becoming a student worker include:

  • Simplifying your commute by combining your location for work and studies. 
  • Build your network by connecting with faculty and staff.
  • Well paying positions and flexible schedules.
  • Work up to 20 hours a week - prioritize your studies and still get the chance to work, creating a better work/life balance. 

Establish work experience or add to your resume by becoming a student worker here at Oxnard College. and find a position that interests you. A variety of different departments are hiring, so find a position that interests you!

Please note: Student Worker Job Fairs are offered for both Fall and Spring semester.

How to Become a Student Worker

Click on the accordion menus below to find out the criteria for becoming a student worker, learn how to search within Handshake, and the currently open positions.