Major & Career Exploration - SuperStrong Assessment

Major & Career Exploration - SuperStrong Assessment

We have all heard this question: "What do you want to be when you grow up?"

This question usually focuses on one's chosen career path, and can feel complex to answer. In a society where innovative technology, best practices, and emerging career fields tend to change the job market, students may wonder how they can choose a major and career path that will be relevant in today's market while also aligning with their interests, passions, and global issues that are important to them. 

This is where OC Career Center comes in as an essential service to assist all students -- whether you are exploring majors and career pathways, deciding between a few majors, or have your major chosen and would like to learn more about different careers within the industry.

Take the VitaNavis SuperStrong Assessment -- start exploring career options today!

SuperStrong Assessment

The SuperStrong Assessment is an online interest inventory questionnaire that aligns your
interests, values, and preferences with the different career pathways offered at
Oxnard College. Click the dropdown menus below to get started.