OC Student Campus Jobs

OC Student Campus Jobs

Are you enrolled in Federal Work Study and interested in working on campus? Looking to gain experience and help support a department or division at Oxnard College while connecting with students?

Apply to work on campus as a student worker!

Our Student Campus Jobs Fairs have ended for the Fall 2021 semester; however, some departments are still hiring for student worker positions.

To learn more and apply, email occareer@vcccd.edu with the following:

  1. a copy of your resume
  2. the top 3 departments you are interested in (list below)
  3. your work availability.

Please note: student workers will be asked if they can successfully meet the VCCCD District COVID-19 vaccine mandate requirement. Please contact us if you have any questions or need assistance.


OC Student Campus Jobs

Oxnard College hires student workers every year to help support the functions of various departments and entities on campus -- from Student Services to Financial Aid, STEM, to the Library. As student workers, you have the opportunity to gain work experience, learn more about the campus, and connect with other students!

As we return to in-person instruction for Fall 2021, a variety of departments on campus are hiring student workers. Interested in becoming a peer mentor or student worker? Contact us at occareer@vcccd.edu


Departments/Campus Organizations Hiring

Click on the accordion menus below to read about the departments and campus organizations who are hiring for student workers and peer mentors.

Read the job description, the pertinent info, and learn more about the opportunities that will be available at the job fair!

Application Assistance for Student Workers - 09/20 @ 11am - 1pm

Application Assistance for Student Workers

Students who attend the Student Worker Jobs Fair and receive a job offer to work with a department or campus organization can receive assistance with the application process.

what: Application Assistance
when: Monday, 09/20
time: 11am - 1pm
where: OC STEM Center - in Condor Hall 
details: Be sure to bring your I-9 Right to Work documents. The I-9 document can be accessed here so you know what is required. Be sure to review the List of Acceptable Documents so you bring the correct document(s) with you. 
If List A - one selection is required
If List B and List C - one selection is required from List B, and one selection is required from List C.
Please contact the Career Center if you have any questions or need assistance. Email us or call at 805-678-5900

Read through the accordion dropdown menu below to ensure you are prepared and have all of your Right to Work documents.