A Non Resident is a student who has not established residence in California for one year as of the residence determination date.

The burden of proof to clearly demonstrate both physical presence in California and intent to Establish Residence lies with the student. The student is required to present evidence in accordance with the California Education Code 68040. The documents presented must be valid, readable, and dated to show continuous physical presence in California for one year and one day prior to the first day of the semester applied for.

There are many rules and regulations regarding residence, therefore the determination of who may be granted resident status is often complicated. Please direct your questions to the Admissions and Records Office at 805-678-5810.

Nonresident Tuition for Non-California Residents – The Ventura County Community College District Governing Board has adopted the state-mandated nonresident tuition fee of $240 per unit and a $20 per unit non-resident capital outlay for students who are non-California residents including international students. These fees are in addition to the mandatory enrollment fee and health fee.

*Enrollment fees are set by the State and are subject to change without notice and may be retroactive; all other fees are set by Ventura County Community College District Board of Trustees and are subject to change by Board action.