We are using a product called CI Solutions in order to track positive attendance. CI Solutions is operational and students are able to track their positive attendance hours.  However, we are are still in the implementation stage of this product.


A CI Solutions tracking station is located in each of the following rooms: OE-2; OE-3; Learning Center; NH-1; LA-7; LS-7; PE

Classroom Tracking Procedures

  1. If the CI Solutions screen is not up, a faculty or staff member must log in using the "ciuser" or "swiping" user name and password.
  2. At the CI Solutions prompt screen, students can swipe their card or enter the LAST SIX digits of their student ID number.
  3. The student must select the class they want to track hours for. Important: please inform students that they can only track hours for classes that are offered in that location; falsely reported hours are easily trackable and will not be counted.

Manual Entry Procedures

  • In the classroom:  clicking on the "Data Browser" button will allow you to manually enter student time.  Please use the "ciuser" username and password to manually enter data.

  • From your office: click here, and log in using the "ciuser" username and password to manually enter data.

Reporting Procedures

  1. Click here to access CI Track from any campus machine.
  2. Log in using our "ciuser" name and password.
  3. Select and run the appropriate report
  4. We will be creating customized reports throughout the semester.


We had initial trainings on 8/29 and 9/9. Both were well attended. We will continue offering training during Tech Drop In Trainings on Fridays. There have no responses to additional inquiries for training, and it appears faculty are able to collect their data.

Current Projects

  1. Automatically uploading to Banner
  2. Tracking incompletes
  3. Local machine installation
  4. Room based course display
  5. Rooms statistical reports: example


Request Status
Can we remove the "exit" button from the main screen? done; Function+F5 will quit the application, and you will be required to enter the track username and password
Can we hide the data browser button? Not done; data browser  button is need for reporting and manually entering data.
Increase the  auto-log out time so a student can work for up to 8 hours. Done
Set default time when a student does not log out to 1/2 hour. Done
Increase the amount of time a student has to select a class. Done; set to 8 seconds
Is there a way to access CI Track from my office computer? Done; oxnardcollege.edu/citrack
We want to track CalWorks courses for students that aren't currently enrolled in Banner. Students can select "CalWorks"
We want to track tutor center contact hours. These hours can be tracked via "General Study Time," though we are researching methods for room based courses
How do we track students who are working on incompletes? In progress; please track these students manually, and we will enter the data later.
How to we upload student hours that were tracked by hand? Done
Students showing up in default category. We have addressed this to the capability of the software.  Student must be trained to select their courses. We are going to install the individual client version to see if that reduces default category swipes.
Control over verbiage on log in and course selection screen We asked the vendor for a modification.
Save as Excel or HTML file This cannot be done via the web, only the client.  As a work around, the data can be copied and pasted into Excel
Categories not appearing correctly on reports Categories are fix, now appearing as CourseID+CRN