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Department Information


Information Technology Services (ITS) is located in the Condor Hall Building, and offers technology related services for instruction, student services, and business services.  ITS is responsible for the design, implementation, and maintenance of most technology systems on campus to include, but not limited to, equipment of the following types: computing, telephony, local and wide-area networking, media presentation, data security, as well as some safety systems. Some of these resource types are listed above are general, for a complete list of services for which the department is responsible, please contact the department by phone or email. ITS also acts as a technical liaison to all areas of the college and provides external representation for the campus in district IT matters.

The ITS priorities are:


  • Maintaining and enhancing the College's IT infrastructure
  • Working with campus administrators, faculty, and the technology community to develop a predictable stream of funding for information technology projects of campus-wide importance.
  • Development of a Technology Master Plan that will capture the true costs of network development, growth, and maintenance
  • Continued development of the Campus Security Project and Intra-building Wiring Project, which brings campus/district-standard wiring to selected campus buildings, facilities and district office
  • Addressing internal organizational issues to ensure that the ITS evolves in a manner consistent with campus IT requirements