Student Achievement / Success and Retention

Fire Academy


Fire Technology


Emergency Medical Technology


Fire Academy Success and Retention

Fire Academy Awards

Fire Academy Program Effectiveness Report 2019-2020

Firefighter 1 Eligible 2018-2019
Certificates Awarded -   66                                                      

Fire Technology Success and Retention

Fire Technology Awards

Fire Technology Program Effectiveness Report 2019-2020

Degree Awarded - 36
Certificates Awarded - 38

EMT Success and Retention

EMT Proficiency Awards

Emergency Medical Technology Program Effectiveness Report 2018-2019

NREMT Licensure Pass Rate in
Calendar Year 2018   - 68%

Program Student Learning Outcome Trends Fall 2013-Spring 2017  (Tableau Visualization opens in new window)

Occupational Outlook for Ventura County

Occupational Employment and Wages, May 2018

Click on the Outlook for the Oxnard-TO-Ventura Metropolitan Statistical Area report that
shows annual job openings, wages and number of employees in all occupations, including
public safety, fire, ambulance and dispatchers.