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Program accredited by the International
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OCFT Mission Statement

The mission of Oxnard College Fire Technology Program is to assist the career, volunteer, and industrial fire protection and emergency services throughout our state communities to deal effectively with the social, economic, and technical aspects of fire and emergency response and to enhance their professionalism, and capabilities to protect California from the devastation of fire, environmental, natural, and man-made emergencies by providing state of the art education, training, resources, certification and leadership.

Fire Technology

The Associate of Science Degree program focuses on both the technical training and the general education course work required for a degree. This program will prepare completers to enter gainful employment in the fire industry. Our two-year degree program also prepares students to transfer to a four year institution if desired. The fire technology program provides educational courses that prepare students to enter the field of fire technology as a firefighter. The program supports working partnerships with county and city fire departments forming a regional training center.

Program Student Learning Outcomes

  • Describe the importance of fire prevention and how it relates to the community, public education and the fire service.
  • Compare various types of fire protection systems and explain each systems role in the fire service.
  • Identify the roles and responsibilities of the fire service.
  • Recognize the characteristics of fire behavior and relate how the external influences of weather and chemicals affect it.
  • Relate the building construction type to its anticipated fire behavior in emergency situations.
  • Appropriately manage patient care relating to illness and injury in the prehospital setting.
  • Identify apparatus, equipment and tools essential for successful fire department operations.
  • Recognize factors on the fire ground that jeopardize the safety of firefighters.
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Firefighters coming out of a burn container.


Our Public Safety Faculty and Staff

Our full time faculty and management spent many years as career firefighters. Our part time faculty are current or retired firefighters as well. Our faculty are dedicated to student success. We take pride in providing a comprehensive educational/vocational program that meets the needs of firefighters and the recruit needs of Fire Departments throughout the state of California.

Fire Technology Department Chair: William Lynch 

Phone: (805) 678 - 5148