Advisory Committee

 Our Advisory Committee is a group of individuals selected by Oxnard College department of Fire Technology to advise the program regarding education needs and activities. Our members are partners in progress and help us achieve our strategic goals. Collectively our committee studies issues, advises, advocates, communicates and makes recommendations regarding: 

  • Program development plans and actions

  • Program marketing

  • Current and forecast employment needs

  • Curriculum review

  • Program needs

Our members are chosen because of their interest in career and technical education, specialized knowledge and experience, and who represent industry.


Matthew Jewett Assistant Dean, Public Safety, Oxnard College (non-voting)
Karen Beatty OC EMT - Faculty
Tamara Crudo OC Fire Academy Faculty Coordinator/Instructor
Mike Ketaily OC Fire Technology Faculty, Dept Chair
Alexander Hamilton Chief, Oxnard FD 
David Endaya Chief, Ventura City FD
Jeff Pike Chief, Ventura Co FD Training
Robert Dunivin LAFD
Lisa Tarkany Fed Fire 
Silvia Mojica FT Student
Chad Woodard FA Cadet
Chris Rosa Ventura Co EMS
Keith Gurrola Chief, Fillmore FD