Meet Your Fire Academy Instructors

Fire Academy Instructors

Tamara Crudo - Fire Academy Coordinator

(805) 678-5073

Captain Tami Crudo's professional history progressed through the City of Ventura as a Firefighter, Firefighter/Paramedic, Fire Engineer, and finally, Fire Captain. She retired from the City in 2012 to become a full-time faculty member with the Oxnard College Public Safety Division. 

Her primary assignments at the college are to coordinate and instruct the Firefighter I/II and Wildland Academies. 

Jack Twitchell - Fire Academy Instructor

(805) 678-5173

Captain Jack Twitchell recently retired as a Fire Captain II from the Arcadia Fire Department, after successfully serving a 30-year career. During the course of his career with the Arcadia Fire Department, he held the ranks of Fire Technician, Firefighter, Fire Engineer, and Fir Captain. For the past nine years, he also served as a Professional Expert at Oxnard College, and most recently became the Wildland Fire Academy Coordinator. 

Jack recognizes that the successes he experienced throughout his career are directly related to the guidance and commitment of educators, peers, and co-workers who dedicated countless hours of instruction to prepare him for each rank he held. He believes in "paying it forward" and is committed to helping student successfully pursue a career in the Fire Service.

He is excited and proud to be part of the Oxnard College Faculty, and is looking forward to working with, and alongside, some of the finest instructors in the state. 

Dave Kromka - Equipment Technician
Jay Anderson - Equipment Technician