CPAT Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I register for a CPAT?

A. This is a 2-step process:  VERY IMPORTANT

1. In order for CPAT to issue you a card you must create a profile at the Firefighter Candidate Testing Center Website.

You must do this prior to the test so you can be put in to the system before the test. After entering your information you must go to your email account and complete the registration. If you are testing at Oxnard site you do NOT select a test site or test date. NOTE: If your profile is not completed in the system before the test we will not be able to issue you a card. NO EXCEPTIONS


2. Download the CPAT application here  CPAT Application or you may pick one up at the OC Fire Tech office.  Payment must be received with the application. Cost of the CPAT test is 150.00. Each pretest is an additional 25.00. There is no charge for orientation. No cash/credit cards accepted. Check, cashiers check, or money orders only.  There are NO refunds

Q. Who can take the test?

A. You must be 18 years old and have a valid photo ID. (i.e. Drivers License, Government, School or Military ID, Passport, or Visa)

Q. Can I change my test date?

A. Contact the CPAT office and we will attepmt to reschedule you.

Q. Do all fire departments accept the CPAT?

A. The fire departments in Ventura and Santa Barbara counties are using the CPAT as are several other departments throughout CA, the US and Canada. Some departments do not accept CPAT's conducted outside their department. Contact departments you are interested in for specific information.

Q. Do I have to attend an Orientation before I can take the CPAT?

A. NO, but it recommended. The success rate on the test is better for those that attend orientation that for those that do not.

Q. How often can I take the CPAT?

A. You can take the CPAT as often as you like. If you are unsuccessful on a test, we suggest you wait at least 8 weeks (conditioning time) before testing again. This is only a suggestion. Not a requirement.

Q. What do I need to bring to the Orientation Class and on Test Day?

A. You must bring a valid Photo ID. You will not be allowed to attend orientation to take the CPAT without the proper ID. Bring water for before and after the test. You must wear long pants and footwear with no pen toes or heels. Jewelry is not allowed. No watches.

Q. Will I receive a certificate or card when I pass the test?

A. Yes. Currently C-JAC is issuing a wallet card to each successful candidate. Also a record of your certification will be kept at C-JAC's office in Sacramento and at the OCRTC-CPAT office.

Q. How to I get in touch with the CPAT office in Camarillo?

A.  Email (preferred method)